Butler Construction Company

Mission Statement

Our goal is to collaborate with the client and architect to create imaginative and exciting structures and spaces. Our entire team is dedicated to the faithful execution of each and every detail of the design, creating long-lasting value to the client. We take a great deal of pride and satisfaction in maintaining a professional experience during the entire building process, while bringing the client’s wishes to fruition.

Going Green

Entering the twenty-first century, the residential building industry has been undergoing a revolution in philosophy and technology. This development calls for efficient and sustainable construction, utilizing innovative engineering for structural, thermal, and mechanical systems. Today, due to the high cost of energy as well as environmental concerns, it has now become more important than ever that we build more responsibly. Butler Construction Company can provide you the resources for designing and building a structure that meets today’s requirements by incorporating the National Association of Homebuilders Green Building guidelines.

Paul Butler, President

Paul is a carpenter by trade who worked for many years on the North Shore of Long Island, before relocating to Connecticut. Over the years he went from apprentice carpenter to lead carpenter to field supervisor for a local production builder. This progression from hands-on building through project management and supervision provides Paul invaluable experience in all aspects of the building project. This experience provides the backbone to deliver the project from its conceptual stages through its successful completion. Paul brings over 35 years experience to the Company along with a positive “can-do” attitude.

Our Team

Our relationship with all our clients is of paramount importance to us. In order to meet that requirement, our most valuable resources are our employees, our trade subcontractors, and our material vendors. We employ some of the finest craftsman in the area, with a work ethic that is compatible with our own. Our team combines exceptional service and dedication to provide a quality finished product for our clients.


We depend on our reputation to continue to serve our clients in a significant way. Our entire focus is on maintaining and improving our good name. Through the years we have developed an extensive and loyal customer base. Please feel free to enquire about references.